Every day, I aim to make a difference in each of my clients’ lives by helping them step by step to achieve their real estate goals whether it is to find a home to buy or sell their home. My latest listing in Durham has a yearlong story behind it.

Last July, I listed a home in Raleigh and part of my marketing plan is to invite the neighbors to an open house. I created and printed off a flyer and started walking up to each home on that street as well as in the cul-de-sacs. I met several lovely neighbors and had a particularly long conversation with one who was thinking about selling.  We really made a connection by talking about our hobbies and the home improvement projects she had planned. We parted ways with the understanding that we’ll keep in touch until she’s ready to make a move.

Jump to July 2018, the neighbor calls me to tell me that she referred me to her family member who wanted to sell her home. In fact, an investor approached her family member with a cash offer for an amount that she didn’t know how fair it was. I was immediately thrilled that she thought of me as a local expert to consult with and help her decide if this offer would be the best she could do. After analyzing the recent sales, I presented my pricing recommendation. 

After our appointment to review the process and my marketing approach, she became my client and I jumped into action to help her get her home listed in the MLS by providing staging services, professional photos and marketing efforts. It was delightful working for her.  After just 3 days, I received multiple offers and for more than the investor offered her at her door.

I’m excited to have helped her through the process and to achieve her goal to move closer to her father.